Using Tarot for Exploring Spiritual Pathways and Beliefs

The Origins of Steampunk Tarot

1. The Birth of Steampunk

Steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy, emerged in the 1980s as a celebration of the Victorian era’s aesthetics and the Industrial Revolution’s technological advancements. It combines the elegance and opulence of the 19th century with steam-powered machinery, clockwork mechanisms, and futuristic elements.

2. The Fusion of Steampunk and Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot Deck was conceived as a way to merge the mysticism of Tarot with the intricate world of Steampunk. Created by renowned artist Aly Fell and Tarot expert Barbara Moore, this deck seamlessly blends the Victorian era’s symbolism and the industrial elements of Steampunk.

The Symbolism of Steampunk Tarot

1. Victorian Era Symbolism

The Victorian era was characterized by its strict social hierarchy, technological advancements, and fascination with the occult. The Steampunk Tarot Deck incorporates these elements, using symbols such as gears, clockwork, and Victorian fashion to represent the traditional Tarot archetypes.

2. Industrial Elements

Steampunk aesthetics heavily rely on industrial elements like brass, copper, and gears. These symbols are integrated into the Steampunk Tarot Deck, infusing each card with a sense of mechanical wonder and technological innovation. The juxtaposition of the organic and the mechanical creates a unique visual language.

Interpreting the Steampunk Tarot Deck

1. The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards in the Steampunk Tarot Deck represent significant life events and archetypal energies. Each card combines Victorian symbolism with Steampunk elements to provide a fresh perspective on traditional Tarot interpretations. For example, the Fool card may depict a daring adventurer stepping onto a steam-powered airship, symbolizing the journey into the unknown.

2. The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards focus on everyday experiences and emotions. In the Steampunk Tarot Deck, these cards are represented by gears, cogs, and other mechanical components. The suits are transformed into Airships (Swords), Engines (Wands), Submersibles (Cups), and Leviathans (Pentacles), offering a unique interpretation of the Tarot’s elemental energies.

Using the Steampunk Tarot Deck

1. Divination and Self-Reflection

Like any Tarot deck, the Steampunk Tarot can be used for divination and self-reflection. Its intricate artwork and symbolism provide a rich tapestry for intuitive exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned Tarot reader or a beginner, this deck offers a fresh perspective and invites you to delve into the mysteries of the past and future.

2. Steampunk-Themed Events

The Steampunk Tarot Deck is also a fantastic addition to Steampunk-themed events and gatherings. Its visually stunning cards can spark conversations and add an extra layer of intrigue to any gathering. Whether you’re hosting a Victorian tea party or attending a Steampunk convention, this deck is sure to captivate and inspire.


The Steampunk Tarot Deck is a remarkable fusion of Victorian era aesthetics and industrial elements. It offers a fresh perspective on Tarot symbolism, inviting users to explore the mysteries of the past and future through the lens of Steampunk. Whether you’re a Tarot enthusiast or a Steampunk aficionado, this deck is a must-have for anyone seeking a unique and captivating divination experience.


1. Can I use the Steampunk Tarot Deck if I’m new to Tarot reading?

Absolutely! The Steampunk Tarot Deck is suitable for both beginners and experienced Tarot readers. Its imagery and symbolism provide a fresh perspective that can enhance your intuitive abilities and deepen your understanding of the Tarot.

2. Are the interpretations of the Steampunk Tarot Deck different from traditional Tarot decks?

While the Steampunk Tarot Deck incorporates Victorian and industrial symbolism, the core interpretations of the cards remain rooted in traditional Tarot meanings. The fusion of Steampunk elements adds a unique layer of visual appeal and invites new perspectives.

3. Can I use the Steampunk Tarot Deck for personal reflection and meditation?

Definitely! The Steampunk Tarot Deck is an excellent tool for personal reflection and meditation. Its intricate artwork and symbolism can help you explore your thoughts, emotions, and aspirations, providing insights and guidance along your journey.

4. Are there any companion books or resources available for the Steampunk Tarot Deck?

Yes, there is a companion book available for the Steampunk Tarot Deck. Authored by Barbara Moore, the book provides in-depth explanations of each card, as well as guidance on how to use the deck for divination and self-reflection.

5. Can I use the Steampunk Tarot Deck for readings for others?

Absolutely! The Steampunk Tarot Deck can be used for readings for others, just like any other Tarot deck. Its unique imagery and symbolism can spark intriguing conversations and provide a fresh perspective on the querent’s questions and concerns.

With the Steampunk Tarot Deck, you can embark on a journey through time, exploring the fusion of Victorian elegance and industrial innovation. Unlock the secrets of the Tarot while immersing yourself in the captivating world of Steampunk. Let the gears turn and the cards reveal their mysteries as you delve into the intricate symbolism and interpretation of this extraordinary deck.