Tarot ja luova ilmaisu: inspiroi taiteellista puoliasi

Tarot ja numerologia: korttien mysteerien avaaminen

Have you ever wondered about the deeper meaning behind the Tarot cards? Beyond their captivating imagery and mystical allure, the Tarot holds a profound connection to the world of numbers. In this article, we will delve into the realm of Tarot and Numerology, exploring the numerical significance of the cards and how it can enrich your Tarot readings.

The Power of Numbers in Tarot

Numbers have long been regarded as symbols of universal energy and cosmic vibrations. In Tarot, each card is associated with a specific number, which carries its own unique symbolism and significance. By understanding the numerical aspects of the cards, we can gain deeper insights into their meanings and tap into the hidden wisdom they hold.

The Major Arcana: A Journey through Numbers

The Major Arcana, the 22 trump cards of the Tarot deck, provide a profound narrative of the human experience. Each card is not only associated with a specific archetype but also corresponds to a number from 0 to 21. These numbers represent different stages of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

For instance, The Fool, numbered 0, symbolizes the beginning of a new journey, a leap of faith into the unknown. The Magician, associated with the number 1, represents the power of manifestation and the ability to channel divine energy. As we progress through the Major Arcana, the numbers guide us through a transformative journey, reflecting the ups and downs of life.

By paying attention to the numerical symbolism of the Major Arcana, we can gain a deeper understanding of the lessons and energies they bring into our lives. The numbers act as guideposts, offering insights into the spiritual and psychological aspects of our journey.

The Minor Arcana: Numerical Patterns and Elemental Energies

In addition to the Major Arcana, the Tarot deck also consists of the Minor Arcana, which is divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each suit corresponds to one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, respectively.

Within each suit, the cards are numbered from Ace to Ten, with the Ace representing the purest essence of the element and the Ten symbolizing completion or fulfillment. The numerical progression within the suits reflects the journey of the element, from its initial spark to its full expression.

For example, the Two of Cups represents the initial connection and harmony between two individuals, while the Ten of Cups signifies the ultimate fulfillment and emotional abundance within relationships. By understanding the numerical patterns within the Minor Arcana, we can gain deeper insights into the elemental energies at play and how they influence our daily lives.

Integrating Numerology into Tarot Readings

Now that we have explored the numerical significance of the Tarot cards, how can we incorporate this knowledge into our Tarot readings? Here are a few tips: Pay attention to recurring numbers: If a particular number appears frequently in a reading, it may hold special significance. Consider the meaning associated with that number and how it relates to the question or situation at hand.
Explore numerological associations: Each number has its own symbolism and energetic vibration. By studying numerology, you can deepen your understanding of the cards and their messages.
Combine Tarot and Numerology spreads: Create spreads that incorporate both Tarot cards and numerological calculations. This can provide a more comprehensive and nuanced interpretation of the situation.


The world of Tarot and Numerology is a fascinating realm of symbolism and hidden meanings. By exploring the numerical significance of the Tarot cards, we can unlock deeper insights into their messages and gain a richer understanding of ourselves and the world around us. So, the next time you embark on a Tarot reading, remember to pay attention to the numbers and let them guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset

Q1: Can I use numerology to predict the future?

A1: Numerology can provide insights and guidance, but it is not a tool for predicting the future with absolute certainty. It offers a framework for understanding the energies at play and making informed decisions.

Q2: Do I need to be an expert in numerology to use it in Tarot readings?

A2: No, you don’t need to be an expert. Basic knowledge of numerology can enhance your Tarot readings, but it’s not a prerequisite. Trust your intuition and let the numbers speak to you.

Q3: Are there any specific numerological associations for each Tarot card?

A3: While there are general numerological meanings associated with each number, the interpretation of a Tarot card is influenced by various factors, including its imagery, position in the spread, and the reader’s intuition.

Q4: Can I use numerology to choose a Tarot deck?

A4: Numerology can be a helpful tool in selecting a Tarot deck that resonates with you. You can consider the numerological associations of the cards and choose a deck that aligns with your personal vibration.

Q5: How can I learn more about Tarot and Numerology?

A5: There are numerous books, online resources, and courses available that delve into the world of Tarot and Numerology. Explore different sources, follow your curiosity, and find the ones that resonate with you.